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Guidelines For Shoe Insole RPM Selection to Best Prevent Diabetic Foot Ulceration

Remote Patient Monitoring: Leveraging Diabetic Shoe Fitting to Keep Ulceration in Remission

Upcoming Webinar Topics:

Diabetic Foot Ulceration and Nudge Theory

Keeping DFUs in remission is complicated and entails nearly as much an understanding of psychology as podiatry.  Learn what contributes to patient non-compliance with prescribed treatments and how recent changes in Medicare make it possible for podiatrists to utilize remote patient monitoring to protect their patients and build their practice.

Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Compliance Update

It can be difficult keeping abreast of changes in Medicare rules and regulations.  Learn what auditors and claims reviewers are looking for and how easy it can be to be compliant.  Don’t be denied the benefits of fitting shoes simply based on fear of being audited and the perception that too much work is entailed.  Following a proven process is all it takes to be successful!

“The One Step at a Time Initiative” 

Launching Remote Patient Monitoring Using Orpyx Insoles  and Siren Socks for Your Patients with Diabetes

It’s one thing to launch a remote patient monitoring program; its another to sustain it and keep it growing.  Learn how pairing RPM insoles with fitting diabetic shoes can enable you to keep hundreds of your patients active and transform your practice’s profitability.

Measure What Matters:

The Numbers You Need to Know to Run a Successful Diabetic Shoe Practice

Fitting all the patients in your practice who qualify for diabetic shoes can be overwhelming. Delegation is needed and knowing what to keep track of is essential for growing your program and keeping it profitable.   With the right metrics in place, you will be able to manage your shoe program like a pro!

Tips from The Trenches:

Best Practices from 25 Years of Helping Practices Run Successful Shoe Practices

Josh White, DPM, CPed has been involved with the Medicare Therapeutic Program since its inception in 1993 as a prescriber, fitter, shoe designer, manufacturer, practice consultant and compliance expert.  Learn what works and what to avoid to make diabetic shoe fitting a success for your practice and your patients.

The Winning Way to Set Up Your Diabetic Shoe / Remote Patient Monitoring Program 

Roles and Responsibilities, Measurables, Documented Proven Processes, Benchmarking and Vision are concepts that apply to any successful organization.  Learn how they can apply to your diabetic shoe program to make it the success it can (and should) be.