Walk With a Doc

Inspiring communities through movement and conversation.

AAPPM Conference Attendees!

Join Josh White, DPM, CPed at The Woodlands Resort, on Friday, November 12 from 7:00am-7:30am for a short walk to learn about promoting "Walk with a Doc," in your practice.

Participants will receive a FREE pair of shoes, courtesy of OrthoFeet!

Below are the options for your free pair of shoes


Women’s Francis 843 

Women’s Coral 981

Women’s Joelle 831

Men’s Tacoma 529

Men’s Sprint 672

Men’s Lava 619

The Mission


Healthy physical activity in people of all ages.


The consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.


The health and well-being of the world.

Benefits for Walkers

Benefits for Walk Leaders

Provider-Patient Relationship

Disrupt the “White Coat Barrier” and spend time with your patients in a meaningful way


Blast Burnout

86% of physicians report feeling like they make a personal connection with walkers, leading to less physician burnout


Community Recognition and Trust

WWAD physicians are seen as leaders within the community


Walker to Patient Conversion

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