Educational Webinars

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Understanding the Top 5 items Flagged by Therapeutic Shoe Auditors and How to Avoid Them

Recorded: 8.9.23

Diabetic Foot Ulceration and Nudge Theory 

Recorded: 7.13.23

Standards of Care: As Updated by the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot for Prevention of Ulceration

Recorded: 6.15.23

Recommendations from Down Under: Australian Diabetes Assoc. How to Improve the Effectiveness of Therapeutic Footwear Recorded: 5.3.23

Diabetic Shoes to keep Ulceration in remissions: What Does the Science Actually Say Recorded: 4.12.23

How DPM’s Can Leverage Annual Diabetic Ulcerative Risk Assessment

Recorded: 3.14.2023

A Guide to OrthoFeet Online Resources and Planning for the New Year

Recorded: 12.9.2022

Introduction to Diabetic Shoe Fitting: Part 1

Recorded: 11.10.2022

Introduction to Diabetic Shoe Fitting: Part 2

Recorded: 11.16.22