No Tie Shoes

Innovative technology offers the most comfortable tie-less shoes
  • Orthofeet’s innovative tie-less lacing system combines laces & hook and loop tabs that eliminate the need for tying laces, offering an ideal solution for those who have difficulty tying laces.
  • The shoes look like a normal athletic shoe. All you have to do is tie the shoes once and then use the Hook & Loop tabs to un-fasten and fasten the shoes.
  • The unfastening and fastening can be done on both sides of the shoe, as for many it might be difficult to get to the outside part of the shoe.
  • The shoes are also engineered with unique features and therapeutic detailing to help facilitate mobility, and offer the ultimate comfort and protection for sensitive feet.

Verve Tie-Less – Fuchsia

Verve Tie-Less – Turquoise

Tahoe Tie-Less Black

Tahoe Tie-Less – Blue

Tahoe Tie-Less – Pink

Laguna Stretch Knit – Blue

Verona Heel Strap – Black

Verona Heel Strap – Pewter


Sprint Tie-Less – Gray

Sprint Tie-Less – Blue

Monterey Bay Tie-Less – Black

Monterey Bay Tie-Less – White

Shreveport Tie-Less – Browl

Baton Rouge Tie-Less – Brown

Alpine Heel Strap – Gray

Lava No-Tie – Black