Innovative technology offers the most comfortable braces/afos

Orthofeet shoes are designed by a team of specialists including podiatrists and biomedical engineers. They are meticulously designed with special features that can accommodate various foot conditions, including conditions requiring AFO’s.

Orthofeet shoes for AFO’s include:
  • Heel strap – innovative hook and loop strap with stretch allows to adjust the heel grip for a looser or tighter fit making them ideal AFO shoes.
  • Wide last – a wide shoe shape design from heel to toe provides a relaxed fit.
  • Extended widths – Orthofeet specializes in wide width footwear offering shoes in wide, extra wide and even extra extra wide widths in some styles.
  • Round toe box – generous toe box design with wide and round shape promotes a pressure free environment and maximum toe movement.
  • Extra depth – deep shoe construction with removable orthotic insole comfortably accommodates custom orthotics, AFO’s and braces.

Upgrade to best AFO brace shoes today!


Coral Stretch Knit – Gray

Francis No-Tie – Blue

Verve Tie-Less – Fuchsia

Verve Tie-Less – Turquoise

Naples Heel Strep – Blue

Sanibel Heel Strap – Black

Sanibel Heel Strap – Olive

Sanibel Heel Strap – Blue


Sprint Tie-Less – Gray

Sprint Tie-Less – Blue

Alpine Heel Strap – Gray

Alpine Heel Strap – Brown

Clearwater Heel Strap – Brown

Cambria – Brown

Cambria – Black

Ranger – Brown

Ranger – Black