AFO Friendly Footwear

Innovative technology offers the most comfortable shoes for AFOs

Orthofeet shoes are designed by a team of specialists including podiatrists and biomedical engineers. They are meticulously designed with special features that can accommodate various foot conditions, including conditions requiring AFO’s.

Orthofeet shoes for AFO’s include:
  • Heel strap – innovative hook and loop strap with stretch allows to adjust the heel grip for a looser or tighter fit making them ideal AFO shoes.
  • Wide last – a wide shoe shape design from heel to toe provides a relaxed fit.
  • Extended widths – Orthofeet specializes in wide width footwear offering shoes in wide, extra wide and even extra extra wide widths in some styles.
  • Round toe box – generous toe box design with wide and round shape promotes a pressure free environment and maximum toe movement.
  • Extra depth – deep shoe construction with removable orthotic insole comfortably accommodates custom orthotics, AFO’s and braces.

Upgrade to best AFO brace shoes today!


810 Acadia

843 Francis

844 Francis

845 Francis

846 Francis


672 Sprint

674 Sprint

410 Avery

521 Tacoma

529 Tacoma

510 Bismarck

525 Bismarck

486 Ranger

483 Ranger